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I understand that every couple is distinct, and your ceremony should be a true reflection of your personalities, values, and the journey that led you to this beautiful moment. I specialise in crafting personalised ceremonies that encapsulate the magic of your relationship.What sets me apart is my commitment to weaving a narrative that is exclusively yours. I take the time to get to know you, to understand your love story, and to learn about the elements that make your relationship unique. From our first meeting to the final "I do," I am devoted to ensuring that your ceremony is a heartfelt and authentic expression of your love.As a storyteller at heart, I bring a creative and articulate touch to your ceremony. From writing heartfelt vows to scripting the entire ceremony, every word is carefully chosen to resonate with the emotions of the day. I love to hear all about your “meet cute”, your relationship and of course, the all important proposal!Let’s embark on this journey together, where your love takes centre stage, and every word is a celebration of the incredible journey that brought you to this moment.Please enquire for pricing details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A celebrant led ceremony is a symbolic or secular one, not a legal one. In France it is called a “Ceremonie Laique”. Most couples choose to do the legal side at a registry office, before they arrive in France. However, in so far as the “optics” on the day - all that your guests will see is a beautiful wedding ceremony focusing on you professing your love for each other in front of all your family and friends.

Yes, I do. If a venue is over an hour from my house, I will stay nearby to the venue the night before your wedding and have a rehearsal with you and your wedding party the day before. This really helps with the “choreography” on the day and ensures that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day.

I charge 550 euros for writing and delivering your ceremony. Depending on the location of the venue, there may be travelling fees or accommodation fees on top of that. Drop me a line and we can discuss!

I love to help couples write their vows. I have a large number of resources as well as templates to get you started. I also have a library of different types of readings to help you choose - from humorous, to religious, to nature themed, to literary and beyond.

Yes! I love to incorporate different rituals, such as hand fasting, sand ceremonies, candle ceremonies, wine box ceremonies, ring warming ceremonies, a commemorative certificate signing or a cocktail making ceremony - these are but a few. The sky is the limit with a celebrant led ceremony. All of these can add a very memorable touch to your ceremony. I often try and involve other family members and friends when performing them.

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